Pow Pow: Check out this goldmine of old ’70s and ’80s Boston punk fanzines

The internet is forever. Last night we somehow stumbled upon independent musician and radio DJ Gary Storm’s website, and, in particular, the page where he documents more than 50 old punk magazines and fanzines from the late-’70s and early-’80s.

A majority of the collection is from the US and UK, and Boston is well represented — check out cover scans of Newbury Comics’ Mike Dreese’s Boston Rock (1980-1987), Boston Groupie News (1976-1983), Fuggit! (1978), Count Viglione’s Love & Flame (1980), Hard Korps (1978), Varulven (1969 to 1979), Woof (1977), and Worcester Rock And Roll News (1977).

Unfortunately, all entries are merely computer scans, but most have additional information under the images, and in some cases, links to each publication’s online gravesite. It’s still a pretty cool look into what kind of media existed in Boston’s underground three decades ago. It’s a culture still maintained by the likes of Boston Hassle and the Boston Counter Cultural Compass.

Here are the Massachusetts’ zines; for the full list — which is highly recommended, click here:







Storm even has a song called “(The Cover Of A) Punk Magazine”…