This new Das Muerte teaser clip looks like it’s promoting the coolest video game of 2014


Boston metal band Das Muerte first caught out attention last year with the searing, gold-stained music video for “Byzantium,” which was shot locally inside South End restaurant Noche.

Now for “All Those Delicate Cuts,” the latest track off their new record EP 2, Das Muerte have enlisted Los Angeles director and photographer Phil Mucci, he of past music videos for Pig Destroyer, High On Fire, Korn, Opeth, and Stone Sour.

The teaser clip, released today and posted above, looks like it’s hyping up something like a highly anticipated video game or big-budget cinematic release. It’s an animated film noir take and it looks like there will be blood. This is how you tease a video.


The full thing isn’t expected until after the holidays, but in the meantime, let’s drink up this 49-second teaser and let our mind wander where else this will go when digested in its entirety.

It’s even got its own poster:

Das Muerte Poster