Ticket Giveaway: Indie Rock Ranger’s Holiday Spectacular, now with extra GLAMTA

Though we generally loathe anything with “Ranger” in the title, we’ve been pretty sweet on tomorrow night’s Indie Rock Ranger’s Holiday Spectacular since it was announced several weeks ago. One, look at the effing flyer down below — Daykamp’s Wampa and Imperial Probe Droid are promising the hap, hap, happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap-danced with Danny fucking Kaye.

Two, peep the performers hitting the stage at the Middle East: Freezepop, Sidewalk Driver, Parks, Animal Talk, and Harris Hawk. That’s a wide range of sonic cheer right there.

And three, there is now a mothafucking Glamta photo booth. With apologies to the sad sack Santa at the malls across America — this is one jolly knee you wanna park on before the big man takes to the sky on Christmas Eve. “Pictures With Glamta” gets set up after Sidewalk Driver’s set (no coincidence) and all donations will go to the Department of Children and their Familes’ Kids Fund.

In fact, Anngelle Wood of Boston Emissions will be on hand and hosting a toy drive for the DCF.

So, you need money for toys, Glamta photos, booze…


Email michael@vanyaland.com with GLAMTA in the subject (no body message necessary, though we like notes) and we’ll select THREE WINNERS good for them and a plus one each, to be announced around 4pm today.