Dear Santa Paws: Grumpy Cat and friends star in new holiday jingle ‘Hard To Be A Cat At Christmas’


Grumpy Cat has been avoiding the spotlight lately, but the year-round Kitty Scrooge has resurfaced just in time for the holidays. Ms. Tardar Sauce is joined this season by Colonel Meow, Nala Cat, Hamilton The Hipster Cat, and Oskar The Blind Cat in Friskies’ new holiday jingle “Hard To Be A Cat At Christmas.”

Friskies will donate one can of cat food per view of the YouTube clip, up to 500,000 total plays. The song was just released yesterday, and it’s nearly half-way there.

But… but… but … Where is Maru and Lil Bub? What kind of all-star cat team is this? This is like Mew Pawder without Peter Hook.


At least the song isn’t too terrible, though we kinda expected more here. At least that “meow meow meow” kinda reminds us of Grimes’ “Oblivion.”

And it’s for a cause near and dear to our very own Lolabear: delicious wet food.

Friskies brand manager Shawn Brain told the Los Angeles Times at a party yesterday at Capitol Records (no, really): “We created an unexpected, original song and music video to bring the issue of wet cat food for all cats to the forefront of owners’ minds in a way that’s never been done before,” said Shawn Brain, Friskies brand manager.