Goddamn Draculas, My Dick honored in AV Club’s 2013 Year In Band Names


Earlier this week I was speaking at Berklee and a student asked what I felt was the best way to discover new music. I gave a pretty standard answer (“Go to shows,” “Randomly search Bandcamp,” “Master the hashtag,” etc.) but forgot the obvious: AV Club’s The Year In Band Names.

The annual list rounds up all the best band names of the past year, and almost always gives us a half-dozen new acts to check out.

There’s also usually a pretty good Boston representation in here each December, and this year the honors go to punk band Goddamn Draculas and parody masters My Dick!


The Dracs are in the “Monsters” category, and My Dick falls under “Perfectly Simple.”

Bravo, everyone. And a hat tip up north to our friends in Coke Weed (Maine) and Happy Family Jawbone Band (Vermont).

There might be some more Massachusetts in there, probably a few basement-show bands off our radar, but we didn’t recognize them. We’ll do a more thorough search once we’re done listening to Slutvomit, MenoPaws, Dadderall, Bears In A Temple For Midgets, and Shattered Hymen.