Breathe Deeper: Watch French duo Télépopmusik experience two shades of ‘Fever’

It’s been a dozen years since French electronic music act Télépopmusik set the tone for the decade ahead with “Breathe,” a down-tempo seduction that could be played on an endless loop for several hours without a trace of listener agitation. Over the summer, the duo of 2Square and Antipop released the “Fever/Try Me Anyway” EP, a pair of new tunes armed with a battalion of remixes that serves as their first taste of new Télépopmusik sounds since 2005’s overlooked Angel Milk.

Now that we’ve had a chance to digest the songs and all their re-imaginations, the duo today have unveiled a pair of videos for the coy “Fever.” Like Angela McCluskey on “Breathe,” the song is augmented by the feminine vocals of Betty Black, also known around parts as Sylvia Gordon of KUDU.

In the main video, posted above and directed by Lou Chaussalet, Télépopmusik capture a near death experience on a beach in the southwest of France. In the alternative version, directed by video designer and graphic artist Michaël Borras (Systaime), things get a bit racier, as the song soundtracks a live web chat and gets designated as NSFW.

“The clip is a metaphor for desire, explored through an experience of a fantasized lover relationship, and captured on-screen through the internet,” says Systaime in a presser. “It is in the uninhabited space of the camera frame and in the space outside the frame, this “elsewhere,” that the poetic force of internet streaming acts, and from which we cannot detach ourselves for the fear of never being able to return.”

One girl kinda looks like Miley Cyrus, but we’ll leave it at that.

In the meantime, a new Télépopmusik LP is expected sometime in 2014. It promises to feature Swedish singer Johanna Wedin, as well as McCluskey and other surprise guests.