The hottest band in Boston right now is a guy playing the keytar in a ‘Ted’ bear costume


Photo by Bones_IV via Reddit

UPDATE: There is now video.

Is it too late for a Boston Music Awards write-in campaign? Because this guy wearing a Ted bear suit while playing the keytar in various MBTA subway stations is suddenly the hottest musical act in town. Over the past week or two the Dropkick Furry has been spotted at Park Street Station, the Old State House, Downtown Crossing — and this morning he’s shredding up Back Bay Station.


It appears he hasn’t made an Allston appearance yet, because, well, he already has a fan base.

#KeytarBear, as the natives have dubbed him, has been hyped in Universal Hub, Reddit, and, obviously, our twitter feeds.

He’s so hot right now, and we don’t even know what he’s playing (in our head’s it’s a constant loop of Bertie Higgins’ 1982 softy rock classic “Key Largo”).


Let’s hope he makes a surprise appearance at the Liberty Hotel on December 8. We’ll certainly invite him into our bathtub. Unless it’s just Steven Tyler in disguise.