Herald readers are furious that Zebbler, who caused the Mooninite ‘bomb scare’ in 2007, will participate in First Night


In the most unsurprising news of the day, Boston Herald readers are wicked pissed that Peter “Zebbler” 
Berdovsky has been asked to stage a $50,000 light show during the city’s annual First Night celebration on New Year’s Eve. The selection makes sense — Zebbler is one of the best visual artists in the country, and First Night is all about celebrating Boston’s talent.

The Charlestown-based Zebbler Studios will, according to the Herald, “project video of iconic city scenes onto the Dartmouth Street facade of the Boston Public Library, in a process called “video mapping.” The project is being funded by private donations.”

Sounds rad.

But of course, Zebbler was part of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie promotion gone awry in 2007, when city official mistook LED Mooninites for bombs. So Herald readers don’t want anything to do with him.

Get your popcorn ready — the comments are pouring in! Here’s a quick sample so far…

fbeatsworms: Figures. Whatever is wrong is right, and visa versa in Mass.

hooksie2: Hopefully he will electrocute himself,

Lightandfluffy: Great. I lost money stuck in traffic and this dreadlocked a-hole gets 50k.

harborview: Boston Strong has just become Boston Wrong . No wonder the First Night celebration can’t raise funds and this stunt won’t help. Could Martha explain how she was outsmarted by this artist during the criminal trial. What a slap in the face to al the victims of the Copley square bombing

liberals stink: There is just NO end to what a homosexual will do to bring attention to himself.

Writes the great Tenley Woodman in today’s Herald

But Menino’s office scoffed at the idea that Berdovsky might be a poor choice for a city-sponsored event so close to the scene and time of the deadly April 15 marathon bombing attacks.

“It would be irresponsible to draw inferences along those lines,” said Menino spokesman John Guilfoil. “The mayor is confident in the choice of artists and the program selections for the evening. He is confident it will be a wonderful First Night, and a memorable night for all.”

Christopher Cook, the city’s director of Arts, Tourism & Special Events, who oversees First Night, praised Berdovsky and downplayed the 2007 prank that paralyzed the city.

“At this point, we just recognize him as one of the premier video artists in the country,” Cook told the Herald. “The hiccup six years ago was that, a hiccup. … They were new to it, and we were new to it. Since that time he’s established himself as a legitimate businessman and artist. It’s going to be a signature event in terms of the administration’s legacy.”

Berdovsky, 33, told the Herald yesterday, “I love this city. I grew up here. It’s my home and my family. I was traumatized as the rest of the city by the marathon bombings.

“I’m honored to have a chance to pay back to the city of Boston through my projection and light art. This will hopefully give everyone a chance to celebrate our unity. We are a great city. Let’s remember that, and be unified in our voice.”

Mooninites – Boston Install from Zebbler on Vimeo.

  1. liberals stink’s comment above is stupid, homosexuality has something to do with this…how? I was at boston marathon finish line and this doesn’t offend me. this guy’s promotion-gone-wrong jig in 2007 wasn’t an intentional bomb scare. perhaps not a well thought out media blitz that sent our city and its people into hysteria but he didn’t do it on purpose, right?

  2. Vanyaland – You know, you could help make the world, or at least the internet, a better place by not following the Herald’s example of making a lie a prominent part of your headline. “…caused the bomb scare” ? Come on. There is also an equal or greater amount of comments at the Herald from people who aren’t as susceptible to your type of click gathering bullshit. Although, they too clicked, and so did I, so I guess you win.

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