First Listen: The post-punk twirl of ‘Breeders’ by Windbreaker, out 11.11.13 via Heart Throb


There are many sounds emanating from the creative heart and mind of Massachusetts musician Darin Thompson. In Qualms, we saw a shimmering electronic pop side that exuded a neon bliss underneath a shell of suburban melancholy. As guitarist in Orca Orca, we heard a more vertical rock bounce from the 25-year-old multi-instrumentalist, following the lead of primary songwriter Jimmy Hewitt.

Here on his latest solo project, Windbreaker, we’re exposed to a grittier no-wave post-punk twirl that’s in line with Thompson’s musical upbringing. “Breeders” is the newest cut off his Let It Go EP, which drops November 11 off UK-based cassette label Heart Throb Records.

“I come from a punk/hardcore background, so I just kind of went back to my roots,” Thompson tells Vanyaland. “My friend who passed away always used to tell me to go back to the more post punk stuff so I finally listened. And when I was in punk bands growing up, I never sang in them — so my first foray into singing was actually with Qualms. So I felt like I could never get as like aggressive as I needed.”


Live shows are on the way — but check out “Breeders” in the meantime.

Windbreaker Let It Go