Talk about Shady: Did Eminem lip-sync last night on ‘Saturday Night Live’?

While Mike Napoli’s beard — and bare chest — was the biggest news in Boston last night, another respectable facial hair showing was blowing minds on Saturday Night Live. Unfortunately, legendary producer Rick Rubin’s glorious and time-honored beard wasn’t enough to distract viewers from what might possibly have been Eminem lip-synching through his two-song set.

Talk about Shady.

Marshall Bruce Mathers III was on stage last night to promote his new record, MMLP2, which drops Tuesday. Check him out rolling through “Berzerk,” and judge for yourself (once you can pull your eyes off Rubin behind the decks, of course)

So… was he lip-syncing or not? A bit hard to really tell. The Twitterse, naturally, was up in arms, with some die-hard fans coming to the rapper’s defense and others recalling Ashlee Simpson. Here’s a sampling of tweets…