Mambo Number Sigh: Lou Bega clears up death confusion — ‘I am not Lou Reed’


This can’t be real. People can’t really be confusing Lou Bega for Lou Reed. Can they? According to the “Mambo #5” singer, he’s been inundated with condolences and Rest In Peace messages from those who are mixing him up with the Velvet Underground founder.

For real? FOR REAL?

Guess it all started with one journalist and snowballed from there. Clearly, though, by this point, Bega is being trolled by the internets. But it’s gotten to the point where he’s been forced to make a statement (which is hilarious). According to Time:


Prolific singer songwriter Lou Reed passed away this weekend, provoking an outpouring of sympathy from his countless fans. But another Lou, one who was not the well-known frontman for The Velvet Underground, appears to have accidentally been the target of some of that support.

“i have been receiving Tons of condolences because of a Journalist confusing our Identities,” Lou Bega, a German pop singer most famous for his ’90s remake of “Mambo No. 5,” wrote on his Facebook page yesterday. “Lou Bega sends his condolences to mr.Reeds Family.”

Yesterday, Bega cleared things up via Facebook. Looks like we need a lil’ bit of vodka, in our lives, a lil’ bit of whiskey, by our side…


Lou Bega