The World Gone Crazy Comedy Band’s ‘Boston Driver Song’ is realer than Ylvis’ ‘Massachusetts’

Another day, another comedic song about …us! But this time around, it’s real life — not a bunch of misguided Scandinavian dudes shouting out Massachusetts cities with the help of Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet. The World Gone Crazy Comedy Band posted their “Boston Driver Song” today, and well, if you’ve always wanted some sort of localized “Devil Went Down To Georgia” sung by Peter Griffin, then you’re in luck.

Take a shot of whiskey every time you hear Storrow Drive. But not if you’re actually on Storrow Drive.

Go bumber-to-bumper with the clip below…

World Gone Crazy also posted songs about douchebags and Boston Strong to their Facebook page, but we’re gonna marinate (and stew?) on the traffic one for a bit. Like Mass Pike at 6pm, we move slowly.

World Gone Crazy