Get your gypsy punk on with ‘Make A Mark,’ the latest single from Boston’s Skinny Pigeons

The story is familiar: three dudes from points elsewhere — in this case Boulder, Colorado; Erie, Pennsylvania; and Seattle, Washington — come to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music and end up forming a band. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. But in most cases there’s some weird shit going on.

Skinny Pigeons are next in line, crafting what they dub “a fusion of noisy punk rock, gypsy jazz, and funk stylings.” They’ve only been a band for about a year, releasing a handful of singles since December, but this first track off a new, upcoming EP, titled “Make A Mark,” immediately caught our attention.

We won’t get into what it reminds us of, but we’ll say we’ve now listened to it three times and we’re hearing different sounds each time. It’s a lot to digest.

File these cats — errr, birds — under: ones to watch.