Watch Future Days’ new video for ‘Blonde Wig,’ featuring a cameo by Vermin Supreme


A summertime dance party out on a grassy field is a good time no matter who shows up, but when Vermin Supreme rolls in with a plastic pitchfork and aluminum foil cape, well that’s just some next-level shit right there. The Massachusetts performance artist, anarchist, and activist — not to mention perennial United States presidential hopeful — makes a fun little cameo in the new video from garage rock band Future Days, proving to the world that he hates a “Blonde Wig” just as much as he hates the 1%.

The band formerly known as Spacebums — who play this weekend’s Deep Heaven Now in Somervillepremiered the video last night at the Lily Pad in Cambridge, and it’s bringing back some much-needed memories of summer just as the temperatures start to decline to sweater-weather levels.

Future Days’ Alex Marantz was mysterious when asked just how the Verm got booked for the video. “He knows the director,” Marantz offered. “He’s an awesome guy. Very interesting.”

Works for us.

“Blonde Wig” is off Future Days’ June LP, Tony Plante, which was recorded live on reel-to-reel tape by engineer Jason Duguay at his Project Sound studio in Haverhill. Soundtrack your weekend to it below.

Future Days