First listen: Motivated music from Nathanael Bluhm’s new dance-pop project, Nono


It’s been a shy while since Boston got sweaty to the sexy beats of Mystery Roar. The long-lost pop crew, noted for unifying various circles and scenes on the dance floor like few other bands of the past decade, went their separate ways a few years ago, leaving frontman Nathanael Bluhm to briefly step away from the stage and behind the DJ booth.

Now Bluhm is back in the spotlight as a producer with new project Nono, and the vibe now roars on his own terms. First single “Forever” is out today, and the uplifting dance jam comes complete with tricked out music video featuring Greg Louganis doing his damn thing up on the diving board. There’s also a fancy Tuck Diggz remix of the track, which you can check out here.

Bluhm tells Vanyaland that the name Nono derives from a “suitably pretentious” character in Querelle by 20th century French writer Jean Genet. Color us disappointed it wasn’t named off our favorite pizza joint in all of New England, the great NoNo’s of Wakefield. All good, though.


Preview the single up top, then dig in to the b-side, “Falling Feeling,” down below. While he’s setting a spring deadline for live performances, Bluhm’s back in the clubs for a pair of can’t-miss DJ gigs in November: The Soft & Cunt dance party and vogue throwdown at Middlesex Lounge on Sunday, November 10, with Eli Goldstein of Soul Clap; and then November 21 at Brighton Music Hall when he and DJ BRDR open things up right for nu-disco band Escort.

We’re told we might even have a few new Nono jams to eat up by them. Until that arrives, these should more than hold us over…


NONO Forever