Music for the changing of seasons: Listen to ‘Sound & Light,’ the moving new LP from the Deep North

Photo by Kelly Davidson

A few weeks ago back when Massachusetts rock band the Deep North released latest single “Voices,” we built an entire meme around it, outlining a Choose Your Own Adventure guide to win tickets to one of their shows. There was a method to the madness, as “Voices,” like many Deep North tracks before it, exudes a sense of longing, of conquest, and a desire to move forward either emotionally, mentally of physically.

The band’s lush rock theatrics are dipped in the pool of pop without total saturation, creating a delicate balance of emotion and energy that’s lacking in much of the genre that teeters between scenes and trends. Now, with new LP Sound & Light, the Deep North continue this trek, musically and lyrically, and it’s the perfect soundtrack for when the crisp New England fall gives way to a stark winter landscape. Michael Angelakos of Passion Pit once spoke at length about albums or songs relating to seasons, and the Deep North’s sonic fire was and is one to keep warm with as the cold falls around us. New seasons bring new mentalities, rebirths, and second chances. What we choose to allow to enter our state of mind on this journey is up to us, and the sound and light here can be two distinct entities or one tangled emotion. But it’s entirely personal.

The Deep North release Sound & Light, led by the searing “We Are Only Strangers,” today via Bandcamp, then drop the vinyl issue on November 15 at Radio in Somerville with As The Sparrow, The Color And Sound, and Yellabird.

Preview and purchase it below, and feel free to let go accordingly…

Deep North Sound Light

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