First Listen: The mysterious Saint Krig debuts with ‘Worst Fear’


Whenever we get sent a new song by a band we’re unfamiliar with, we generally queue up the track on Soundcloud or Bandcamp and let it play while we look into the artist’s background. Check out where they’re from, how long they’ve been around, if we recognize any of the players or affiliates.

But this morning we were emailed a link to “Worst Fear,” a slow-burning experimental electronic track by someone or something called Saint Krig. And it was just a link — no email message, no personalized note, no anything. A Google search yields pretty much nothing as well, and their month-old Facebook page has zero likes, no bio, and no real information other than a blurry cover image of tangled lights and this simple tagline: “Demos from the bedroom”

So we’re pretty much left with one thing: The song. And it’s pretty good, and a nice soundtrack for a crisp autumn New England morning; there’s a bit of brooding, a bit of yearning, a bit of underlying darkness behind the noise.


Who are they? No clue. Where are they from? No idea. What’s their deal? Other than having a good song in their fledgling arsenal, fucked if we knew.

So check it out, without distractions, without preconceived notions, and form an opinion based on nothing but the song (imagine that!). And hurry, you could even be their first Facebook like, too.

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