Watch Jimmy Fallon say ‘Bye Bye Bye’ to ‘Breaking Bad’ — with a little inspiration from N*Sync


Earlier this month Jimmy Fallon nearly broke the internet with his Late Night show’s Breaking Bad parody, “Joking Bad.” With his juices still flowing, the talk show host and comedian turned his attention to Walter White once more late week to bid farewell to Walter White and crew with a parody video inspired by N*Sync’s 2000 classic “Bye Bye Bye.”

Scenes are edited together with the characters taking on the roles of Justin and crew, but not before Fallon gets in a jab at Detroit in the opening monologue. Albuquerque, we hardly knew ya.

The clip, posted above, is already a few days old, but with last night’s Breaking Bad finale dominating news feeds and water cooler talk — do people still talk around the water cooler? Is that still a thing? — we figured we’d kick off the work week with it here.


Spoiler alert: It’s awesome.