First listen: A six-minute album preview mix of VNV Nation’s new record ‘Transnational’


European futurepop duo VNV Nation have released a teaser mix for their new record Transnational, and on first listen, it sounds like a return to form for the one-time leaders of the EBM genre.

Transnational is VNV’s first new material since 2011 and features 10 new tracks, out October 4 in Europe and November 19 here in the States. Songs like “Everything” and “Lost Horizon” bring back the melodic, electro-trance vibe Ronan Harris and Mark Jackson damn-near perfected around the turn of the millennium, while “Primary” and “Retaliate” lean more to the agit industi-stomp of the duo’s 18-year catalog. It seems like a pretty balanced record, overall, and we can even hear elements of 1998’s underrated Praise The Fallen in there as well.

Of course, VNV Nation’s 1999 electronic masterpiece Empires remains an unfuckwithable classic, so it’d be unfair to ever expect something as brilliant as that. But Transnational sounds pretty good. It’s like hearing back from an old friend…


Preview the entire record via Soundcloud.

VNV Nation artwork