Doom riders: Listen to ‘What’s Haunting You,’ the latest single from rising metal overlords Bloody Hammers


It’s been awhile since Vanyaland has been this excited about some new metal. Too much of the genre today is cookie-cutter junk — vacuous because it follows whatever the latest semi-trend might be. Or, worst of all, there’s some amazing riffage but complete shit for vocals; like, hasn’t anyone learned a thing from Megadeth about this misstep?

That’s precisely why it’s so arresting when something like Bloody Hammers comes along. With a moniker taken from a song by psych-rock legend Roky Erickson, the music is doom without being dumb and retro without being repetitive. The Charlotte-based outfit come out swinging like Oh Dae-su in the original Oldboy, with longtime Goth staple Anders Manga leading Sabbath-esque overtones that too many try but few are able to actually pull off – especially with this sort of aplomb.

October 1 will see the release of the second Bloody Hammers full-length, Spiritual Relics. Until then, check out the video for the first single, “What’s Haunting You.”


And for those who hate visuals…


Bloody Hammers artwork