How terrible is Priyanka Chopra’s Thursday Night Football song, ‘In My City’?


Just when you thought Ceelo Green’s 2012 Ramones molestation “Hey ho! Let’s go!” was the worst steaming pile of shit to ever introduce a professional sporting match, along comes Priyanka Chopra’s “In My City.”

The Bollywood actress/singer’s song, featuring the deplorable will.i.am, is the newest theme to the NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football series, debuting last night before the Patriots/Jets game. “In My City” is a cheap, disposable club tune where Chopra prances around and welcomes everyone to her city — not ours, not yours. Even Rob Gronkowski gets into it and welcomes us to… Foxborough?

But then, just as the awkwardness and forced sex appeal of “In My City” really sets in, it happens. Producers edit in a spot of what appears to be the Fenway Park crowd holding up “Boston Strong” signs before quickly cutting to Tom Brady’s lovely face. Was the clip of David Ortiz reminding us “This is our fucking city” too expensive?

Come on. Showing the Fenway Park crowd right after the bombings? Before a football game? Five months later, and during a song preaching city pride? This seemed to border as much on exploitation as all the fake “Boston strong” shirts sold after the marathon bombings. We get it. We’re in Boston. We don’t need that imagery forced down our throats before a nationally-televised Pats game. We’re moving on and coping in our own way.

But hey! She’s one of us, a half-Bostonian (our favorite kind), so she understands. Chopra tells MTV:

“Having grown up in both New York and Boston, two major [rival] football cities and coincidentally the two teams playing the night of my big debut, it’s nothing short of surreal to be with the NFL as the opening act for Thursday Night Football. ‘In My City’ was my first single, it has a very special place in my heart, and I am beyond excited to bring the amazing energy of the track to the NFL’s passionate fans,” Priyanka Chopra said.

If you’re unfamiliar with Chopra, she did a track with Pitbull last this year [edit]. Thankfully, it’s less offensive.

      1. The Ortiz is boring and offensive. The fact it, the authorities chose Priyanka Chopra’s In My City so you’ll rather have to like it or lump it.

  1. interesting article though i’m less inclined to trust it because her song “exotic” released just this year…not last. Interesting that you’d post such passionate opinions of her song while not knowing the most basic of facts. Is that what journalism has been reduced to these days

  2. I have nooo idea why gigs like this are going to Bollywood stars when there are PLEANTY of American born Indian or Desi artists / actors / fashion designers …etc…that these projects should go to! Seriously, lets employ Americans for American projects, we are just as good if not better AND we understand our market better! Personally….I think pop princess TINA SUGANDH would have been a WAYYYY better pick for BOTH Pitbulls song AND the NFL

  3. Dear Michael Marotta, it is such a shame that you actually believe your reviews mean anything. Why should your opinions matter? Fact is, they don’t. Your journalism is unimpressive in the extreme. Thank you though, for your efforts.

    1. Dear Polash,
      You’re a fucktard because while you snubbed the author that his views don’t matter, you forgot that you were ON HIS WEBSITE READING THE WHOLE FUCKING ARTICLE!

      Btw, the song sucked ass, she can’t dance. But she has awesome gams and the best DSLs.

      1. Dear Johnny
        Your name and your language tell us enough about your class. I am convinced you’re not a wealthy doctor like me. Of course I read the article. Uh, it didn’t take me long (doh). Constructive criticism is not to call a song “terrible” or a person “deplorable”. It’s sub optimal and trashy journalism. That was my point. I read his article as I searched on google to see the NFL/Priyanka coverage and the article title.

  4. This is poor journalism and tiring to read. It is based on opinion. Hurling abuse at others is a sign of weakness. Why on earth is Will.i.am “deplorable”? I am sure there are many who think you are deplorable. Priyanka is a mega star in India. She is a great actress, looks infinitely better than you and sings well. This is an upbeat pop song. Its message is one of inclusivity and togetherness and ideal for NFL. I hope you will be able to demonstrate better journalism in the future or else I think I think your employer should think twice about keeping you on.

    1. @disqus_apGcvHeTJO:disqus Your first comment, from what I can see was over an hour ago. Having read the article myself, I would say it’s fair to suggest it’s a short piece. With that in mind, why, when you clearly aren’t in agreement with the points made, are you still spending time criticizing it AND Michael personally. You do have the option to NOT read this (probably over and over based on the time you’ve spent on this). Let it go, it stinks of jealousy. Go do something productive with your Saturday – maybe start your own site so you can balance this “argument” out? Vanyaland & Michael are doing a great job for Boston music scene – keep up the great work.

      1. Marianna
        Of course the article is short. If your intelligence levels can only conclude that I am jealous, then then confirms things quite well for me. I came across the article by accident and am entitled to give my opinion which is why we have Blogs on the Internet dear Marianna. As I said below, it is sub optimal and poor journalism. If Michael wishes to conclude on a public forum that a song is “terrible” then surely I can assert the same about his article. I hope you are doing lots of constructive things with your Saturday also.

        1. Polash Dear,
          I am glad that you agree on one thing today – the article is short. This is great progress for you; I was thinking for a moment that anything said on here just simply would not receive the seal of approval for you. Well done. As a “wealthy doctor” (not sure why that was necessary information to give up?), it does still surprises me just how much time/effort/call-it-what-you-will you spent “attacking” this article. Which, for your information, was the reason I commented in the first place. I don’t think anyone actually thinks this is going to win a pulitzer any time soon (maybe another thing we agree on?) but, having said that, it’s relevant, it creates debate, and it does split peoples opinions – the perfect blog you might say? (come one, let’s make it two things we agree on). Something tells me that you’re a huge fan of Priyanka – which is fine – and you’re not from Boston? Am I right? I ask purely as it will allow me to confirm what I’ve thought since seeing your comments. My Saturday has been splendid, so far, thank you – extremely non-constructive; I’m far too important during the week to be constructive at the weekend.

          1. Dear Marianna

            How delightful to hear from you again.

            Priyanka is very talented and beyond beautiful. She is an Indian film actress and singer and former Miss World (2000). Through her successful film career she has won countless awards and has become one of Bollywood’s highest paid actresses and one of the most popular celebrities coming from India.

            We all recognise the song is pop, perhaps even a trifle cheesy. But it has a feelgood factor and is ideal, I and indeed the NFL feel, for football or soccer as you call it (yes I live in refined England). Priyanka is not a household name in the United States, but regardless of whether one likes the song or not, there is no room for low class and parochial journalism, using words like “steaming pile of shit” and insulting singers like Will.i.am. I only came across the article (if you can call it that) as I was searching for a video of Thursday’s NFL. I read a lot of music journalism here in England and it’s written invariably with professionalism. Priyanka has more beauty, talent and intelligence than most people that make rude posts on sites like this. I am sure Michael would have been delighted had a song by Miley Cyrus or Kim Kardashian been chosen !

          2. Finally Marianna, I only said I was a doctor as I don’t normally associate myself with such superficialities but spend my time saving lives.

            I have always considered Boston to be far superior to other cities in the US but this article and journalist put your city to shame. Let’s hope Michael gets happy next year when a song by Miley gets chosen by the NFL.

            Nice chatting to you Marianna.
            Best wishes

          3. Polash, you might want to sit down and put the kettle on – you must be thirsty from spending so much time on here. Do you take sugar? I’ll make it for you. While it boils, few things.

            You don’t need to inform me of the basics about Priyanka – I am aware of her, her work and, believe it or not – her talent. She is great – seriously. However, as the “article” points out – the song sucks for NFL. You’re a fan (a super fan maybe?) and even admit the song is cheesy. I don’t think Michael would, or was, advocating for a Miley Cyrus title track – it would suck just as bad, if not more. Another point of yours that was irrelevant.

            Let me educate you, if I may. “We” call American Football “Football”. “We” don’t call it Soccer as you incorrectly point out. We call English Football, Soccer. Two very different sports. Slightly pedantic, but just wanted to make you aware of your error so you don’t make it again in public places.

            Secondly, having a feel good factor isn’t always associated with opening titles of sports shows. I would argue that passion, drama, or provoking emotion are more suitable. “Your” very own SkySports is proof of this.

            Thirdly, you’ve mentioned “class” a few times on here. Your comment with regards to you being a “wealthy doctor” had probably the least amount of class. So come on, lets stop throwing the “C-word” around so freely.

            Finally – you’re jumping to incorrect conclusions about Boston being my town. I am in fact from England too – I’m just incredibly fortunate to travel the world with my work. In the future, and as a doctor I would expect you to not jump to conclusions so quickly – good job I go private.

            Right, your tea is perfectly brewed. Enjoy. Peace & Love. M

          4. Dear Marianna

            I feel i know you already ! Thanks so much for the cuppa.

            You’re from England too? When you return, call me and I will treat you to high tea with cakes (I am a sorta male equivalent of Priyanka, 30 something, this could become a blossoming romance !).

            I am glad you appreciate Priyanka – Miss World, actor, recording artist, humanitarian, green crusader, brand ambassador, multi-faceted personality and one of the most applauded talents of Indian cinema. Sorry, just wanted to throw all that in.

            My point was simple. Michael gave a poorly delivered opinion, that’s all it was. An opinion which I disagreed with.

            I prefer to go with Mark Quenzel, Senior Vice President of Production and Programming for NFL who said “In My City” is the perfect song to set the stage for Thursday Night Football and to welcome viewers to each city”. Sport events do require performers and songs which that bring that feelgood factor. Otherwise why have Carrie Underwood and then Beyonce, Madonna, Janet etc at Superbowl half-time?

            Thanks for our correction about football. I am not a footie fan and showed my ignorance. Whoops !

            As for the “C” word, I agree with what you say. I shouldn’t have lowered myself in that way. I just wasnt sure what type of people I was talking to. Someone on here chose to abuse me so I thought maybe you too were typing from a mobile home park. Clearly I now recognise that you are, I think, a sophisticated and educated woman.

            As for jumping to conclusions,minor go private in England you may well be treated by me.

            Michael may be an admired Boston music journo but isn’t admired by me in the slightest. I hope he thinks twice before he puts pen to paper. Insulting wealthy pop stars like Will.i.am and offering HIS opinions

          5. …which are unfounded are respectively unwise and irrelevant in the grand scheme.

            I hope you have a good day. I am glad we could have a constructive exchange.

            Love and best wishes
            Polash x

    2. First, I am my employer, I own this site. And second, it’s tagged Voices, so it’s pretty much an editorial on a very shitty song.

      1. Thank you Michael.

        First, it’s important to stand out in whatever field of journalism you’re aiming for and one way to do this is by finding your USP or “Unique Selling Point”. Clearly in your case it is defamatory comments and bad language. That’s fine. However, here in England we are used to music journalism invariably of a very different calibre eg. Q, NME etc Which is why I doubt you will ever get to join Rolling Stone despite all the hard efforts.

        Second, who’s to say which music is better. It’s just an opinion at the end of the day. I happen to think “In My City” is a good pop song (and that Will.i.am is not “deplorable”) but you and your Voice tags think it’s “very shitty” (such eloquence and the hallmarks of a good education). That’s fine by me. I’m glad your beloved football will have this song attached to it for weeks on end.

        Best wishes.

        1. Polash – please give it a rest. We’ve heard your voice; you’re a fan of this song. Michael isn’t. Believe me, I don’t agree with everything on here, but seriously – can’t you accept that others may actually have a different opinion than your own? Guess what – that’s OK!

          With regards to Michael never being linked to the likes of NME, Rolling Stone etc. I have to disagree. In that past few weeks both NME and Rolling Stone have both given credit to a few stories written/broken by Michael on Vanyaland.

          I trust the respective editors of both publications to be a better judge of a journalist than your own.

          1. Haha, brilliant. @disqus_apGcvHeTJO:disqus I’m assuming the Guardian is of a high enough class for you to hopefully quieten down just a touch when it comes to Michael and his writing capabilities?

            Going off your comments, I still sense you’ve got *something* in the your tank to fire out? I mean, your knowledge of journalism is clearly more superior than the powers-that-be at NME, RS and the Guardian.

          2. Dear Patrick B
            I am simply shocked that Michael is going to get exposure in my newspaper. I can only assume that their usual vetting has somehow fallen in standards on this occasion. The Guardian is a very reputable newspaper. I just hope Michael doesn’t bring shame by publishing something like this with expletives and unfounded opinion. If he does, I’ll just say he comes from across the pond (people will understand here) so let’s forgive and forget.
            Best wishes

          3. Dear @disqus_apGcvHeTJO:disqus – there you are! Our very own hard working, high-class, “wealthy doctor” who, I have to say, has spent an awful lot of time on here. Maybe that’s why MY country has such a messed up health care system.

            Yes, that’s right – I’m from “over the pond” too. [side note – I think most people reading this will understand what “over the pond” means by the way, no need to patronise folks]

            I look forward to seeing Michael’s name in the Guardian – YOUR paper.

            To steal a quote from another person on here:

            “That’s fine by me. I’m glad your beloved newspaper will have Michael’s name attached to it.”

            Best wishes.

          4. Dear Patrick B
            Sorry, when I said people will understand, I meant people will be accommodating when they know he’s an American journo.
            When I said the Guardian is my paper, I meant its the paper I read.
            Sorry but the failings of the NHS have nothing to do with me ! I suggest you write to the PM if you’re feeling troubled.
            I am astonished at your level of accuracy…I am hard-working, high class, wealthy and a doctor, bravo ! American slang and swearing really get to me. I do read a lot of British music mags and their critique of music is wonderful compared to this Vanyaland business. I guess it’s there to entertain the intellectually challenged. Judging from Johnny Crap’s comments, I think I might be right.
            Best wishes

          5. The Guardian. OMG. I will look for it and aim to offer my views. Please don’t compromise on your style and panache of music journalism. Once readers know where you hail from, they’ll just say “he’s American and he’s crazy”. I am sure it will be some boring piece about Boston, or Miley’s body or how wonderful One Direction are (for a country that prides itself with good quality music, you sure have taken that group to your hearts more so than in their homeland, and that band really are sh*te).

          6. @disqus_apGcvHeTJO:disqus with that comment you’ve undone all of your hard work. Your defense of Priyanka genuinely was rather impressive, I was almost proud of my fellow countryman defending Priyanka so well.

            However, in one comment:

            You’ve lost your “high-class” status. “Sh*te”- what awful, low-class language. Evident of a terrible education.

            More importantly, you have just thrown your very own argument back at yourself. You offered an opinion on One Direction that is totally unfounded – the exact reason you complained about this article in the first place.

            Disappointing end to an entertaining debate. Good effort though.

          7. Patrick B
            Congratulations !!! For passing my little test ie. you recognise how bad unfounded and unsavoury remarks about an individual or individuals come across. Your response was predictable as I consider you to be the most well educated on this platform.
            However my remarks about Miley I did mean and they are founded. I think half of America would agree with me that parading on stage at the VMAs with a gigantic finger around her netherlands was just sheer vulgarity and crudeness in the extreme.
            Best wishes

          8. Oh Polash you little joker, you.

            Still, *extremely* witty pranks aside, my comments still stand.

            It’s been a good run for you, now move on. Surely there is another site out there that has criticised Priyanka – maybe how her hair looked in Karam? Go protect her. Go. We understand.

          9. Patrick B
            I forgive you for everything. An underground fan of Priyanka ! You truly are a classy man. I agree her hair was rather questionable in Karam.
            Oh I’ve seen tonnes of criticism about her. My leave ends on Monday and I have not got time to protect Priyanka (hurrah I hear you all say). I just didn’t like the way this article was delivered.
            I might send Michael a copy of her new album coming out in 2014. I think he’s a secret fan but too much of man to admit it to his fellow hard Bostonians.

          10. Oh….by the way “Doctor” Polash…..since you say you have your own “Spin out” company in Healthcare, please do us a favor.

            Post your businesses weblink right on this discussion board, so that we may verify that you are indeed an endocrinologist.

            With just a simple web search, I should be able to find you and your practice. Even “Consultants” have a home office for a group, or practice they are employed with. Any one of us, myself included, should be able to call you while you are at work. OR call your place of business to verify who you are.

            Ergo, your business, your license, your address, your membership with the Royal Society of Physicians, and your colleges will all verify with me, over the phone, that you are who you say you are.


            And with just a few phone calls, we can find your business.

            So…..where are you located? What is your name? What is the address of your place of business?

          11. Eric, my dear Eric, if you consider that I am going to entertain you with those details then you really are as thick as I had imagined. As I said, most people here have challenged me in smart way. I don’t mind that. I wanted to explore views about what is and what is not good music journalism. I can assure you I have no interest in googling Advanced Practice Anesthesia Nurses and that the chances of you earning more than me are very remote. Put bluntIy I am not interested in the extreme in who you are or what you do. Ergo, I find you not very drole, rather unintellectual and with a great talent of boring the pants off me. I suggest you read some more nursing books and do another degree. As you must have experienced, doctors can be terribly hierarchical. So, let’s talk Priyanka. Presume you dont want her new album in your Christmas stocking? (the type you hang up, not wear).

          12. I’ll be furious if you get your facts wrong too, like suggesting that Priyanka’s single “exotic” was released last year (doh). That’s poor. That’s the equivalent of me removing the wrong organ.

          13. LOL. With every attempt he makes at proving how important he is, he digs a deeper hole.
            Nothing wrong with being a paid PR troll, but basic grammar, spelling ability, and diction are important.

          14. Dear Jonathan C
            I think I’m going to give it a rest now.mi even detected a hint that you too did not like the article.

      2. Why do you think Polash is so passionate about this “singer”?
        He says he’s a doctor who saves lives, but he sure has a lot of time.

      3. I Agree with you Michael. The song for Thursday Night Football sucks. It’s irritating, and I don’t think that I should have the singer’s tight pants just thrust in my face as a selling point, and I simply don’t think that the song itself has any bearing on football at all. The entire presentation is awkward, and for some reason it grates my every last nerve. The entire presentation was also disingenuous, and it was clear they (The NFL) just wanted a “Hot” pop star to advertise the game to everyone. I miss Hank Williams, and now even Faith Hill is gone from Sunday Night Football. I’m not a “country” music listener by nature, but that genre just fits better with football.

        And pay no attention to what that “Dr.” Polash says. He is no physician. I hold a Master’s Degree in Nursing Anesthesia from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia and have been in Healthcare for over 20 years. In actuality, the principle role of the pancreas is to secrete Insulin to allow cells to take in glucose. Insulin does many things, it also actually up-regulates the tyrosine based transmembrene receptor proteins on cell surfaces, allowing glucose into the cells. Trust me bro, “Dr. Polash” has no idea what I’m talking about.

        And you’re right.The song sucks. Is it the worse steaming pile of shit I’ve ever seen? Probably not. I think that would have to be American Idol. But it is a smoldering pile of brown.

        1. Hey Eric, I personally would have abstained from that description of the pancreas. You tried to be too clever to someone in the know and it made you look like a prize pillock as we say here in England ! Trust me if you were a nurse on my ward, I’d test you to see how much you really know. As I said take me up on my email challenge…..bro. Lowly nurse vs senior doctor. I will send an email to you that will show that I can run circles around a Thomas Jefferson qualified nurse like you matey. Now go fly with your high school definitions of the pancreas and insulin !

          1. Hey Polash…

            I just watched that piece of crap video again, to see if maybe I’d have a change of heart.


            Still shit.

            Now I’m thinking of starting a new facebook page.

            Boycott Priyanka.

            I bet I get thousands of supporters. Our message will be simple. Boycott Thursday Night Football until they get rid of her.

            Just like the Arab Spring. This will be the Priyanka spring.

    3. @Polash, you actually typed more words in comments, than the author did in the entire article.
      Do you see the disconnect here? How can you be a successful doctor who saves lives, and yet have infinite time to read comments and keep replying?
      I know how – by not being a doctor, but instead a minimum wage PR troll for this starlet. You’re a joke.

      1. Dear Bollywood Sucks aka Boston Fan aka Sherlock Holmes in Bollywood aka Masala Man

        First, excuse me while I yawn in response to your missives – * yawn *

        I should say that your attempts to appear clever have rather backfired spectacularly, exposing your sub optimal intelligence levels.

        As a 36 year old consultant endocrinologist – who happens to be on holiday at home – I am allowed to surf the net. Doctors do that you know. We go to gigs, we “hang out”, possess a repertoire of trendy music etc Of course when I resume work next week, I won’t have as much time to take the pee out of people like you. I wanted to make a point. It was simple. I am not used to music journalism of this underclass standard. I review high brow music mags like Q, NME, Melody Maker etc and have done so since my teens. When I see a music journo (allegedly) refer to a song as being worst than than “worst pile of steaming shit”, I felt I needed to say something. Comprend Monsieur Holmes?

      2. But it took some time to get my point across as I encountered varying degrees of intelligence, and of course your fit within that spectrum.

        I don’t give a stuff about the Boston music scene, or a monkeys about Vanyaland. I was simply surfing the net to find Priyanka’s video which for some odd reason is unavailable in good ole Blighty.

        I happen to be a long time fan and was, put bluntly, astounded by the shallowness of this piece – given my appreciation of good music journalism, and of artists/groups like Kate Bush, Imagine Dragons, Garbage…the list goes on…while you no doubt shake your booty to Gaga, Perry, Clarkson and the truly “deplorable” Cyrus…each to their own.

        As for grammatical errors and spelling, well these things happen. But I do have 10 O levels, 4 A levels, and an MBBS and an MRCP. What training do you have bar finessing your “have a nice day” at Maccy D’s no doubt.

        I am not aware Priyanka has PR trolls. Maybe she does? Who cares?

        I do admit I have rather labored to make my point but the more people wish to challenge me, the more I feel spurred on…while supping a nice glass of Chateau Petrus.

        In this country, we would tend to refer to someone like you as a pollock or a prat – take your pick.

  5. Hey Johnny

    First, thanks and you’re a dispropropriately angry little man. There must be a good reason. Is it because you have eaten too much fast food? Portion control my friend. Whatever the case, you have our sympathies. Marianna was at least measured and can speak for herself by the way.

    Second, I think your surname on here says more about you and your online drivel. It seems the only person who is angry and miserable is you.

    Third, how lovely, an amusement park in Peru of all places and an “extremely wealthy industrialist”. Ah, how you succumb to the make believe world of internet. The only thing that is probably true is that you adore those hot dog and fried chicken stands of amusement parks.

    Fourth, your comments are as amusing to me (and not at all hurtful as you intended, as I appreciate there are some people who are not too well in society) as your amusement park in Peru.

    1. Fifth, “this is the United States”, oh puh-leeze, I am cracking up as indeed my neighbours are. BTW, you set a great example for the great US of A.

      Sixth, “awesome gams and the best DSLs”, how low class. You sure you don’t live in a mobile home eating spam?

      Seventh, I am entitled to my opinion that this article was poor music journalism in the extreme.

      Have a nice day you hear.

  6. LMAO I couldn’t finish the article and read half way through one of the comments before I had to stop. Why do I real opinions? I think this song was the shit and she is hella hot!

    1. Patrick B, I certainly did not. But I do hope Michael reads some of our music reviews ie. so he can learn how one is supposed to be written. I am not convinced Vanyaland will last. I happened to come across Vanyaland’s/Michael’s Facebook and it was quite telling in terms of what some his ‘fans’ have written about Bollywood. All very disappointing. I might just write a letter this afternoon…’Dear Sir/Editor…’
      Best wishes, Polash

          1. This Polash character is NOT a doctor. S/he works for Priyanka Chopra’s PR team. You will find that her PR troll all negative views about Priyanka. So best not reply to people who are paid per comment!

  7. Well, you’ve been vindicated. The NFL apparently agreed and pulled the song after one failed week. For all of you intent on exercising your journalistic judgment as if this weren’t an opinion piece, you might want to check with someone that knows something about music because this track was horrible no matter how cute you think this girl is, how important you think multiculturalism is, or how distasteful the phrase “steaming pile of shit” is. Over-commercialized, producer-created pop tunes from Barbied up movie stars with more PR than creativity makes for bad music. Every time.

    1. Dear “Bubba”
      I think your name says it all really. Did you get someone to help you write this? Over commercialized pop eh? Says the man whose country’s Billboard 100 is dominated by Gaga, Cyrus, Carey, Minaj…the list goes on. Better to have a Barbied up movie star than a porn-like ex TV star who is riding at number one in your charts.

    1. Of course I know that but I am talking to some untutored individuals and therefore prefer to keep things simple. I’m sure some here don’t even known what the pancreas is, dear.

  8. I understand that this article is an opinion, but what happened to understanding other’s journeys in journalism? For me Priyanka’s story is one of overcoming adversity. Her father died six months ago, and after being completely devastated she managed to star in Pixar’s planes, shoot 2 music videos and play a major role in a mulit-million dollar Bollywood film. Her story is about so much more than any of us narrow minded caucasian individuals can comprehend. You want real journalism? Find out what a REAL intellectual like Lawrence Kraus, Amit Goswami, or Natalie Batalia think about her journey to success.

    She has fought hard to get where she is and silly articles like this are why Indians view caucasian Americans as narrow minded jokes.

    From a white guy married to a Nepalese woman that does not have a narrow view on life.

    1. Very well said. You have summarised so well what I have been trying to convey to some small minded Americans. Music is a matter of taste and also admiration etc but this article is shoddy and biased. Look how telling his remark is when he says “But hey, she’s one of us, a half a Bostonian…”. I have been battling with small minded, untutored thinking. Priyanka is new to a Boston based music site, very new and unknown, and yet the journo did not take the time to balance out his review, instead choosing to say “very shitty song” and “steaming pile of shit”. Yes he may have an article appearing in UK’s Guardian, for which he appears to be most proud, but here in England we are not accustomed to underclass journalism like this. He in fact lets other proper Amerian journalists down.

    2. Oh come on, so you lapped up the sympathy inspiring PR story that priyanka and her loyal henchmen cooked up in a meeting room. And even if it were true it doesn’t mean you will be pardoned for abusing an art form you’re not good at to feel some false sense of achievement. And just so you won’t chalk this up to American hatred for India , I’m an Indian who didn’t have to leave it to see how stupid some of these stars are.

  9. Dear Jake
    If only your comments actually mattered to me, that’s what counts. But you’re as valid to me as an amoeba. I certainly don’t have to prove myself to an unitellectual like you.

  10. Oh dear, from India eh? You sound like one of those wannabe trendy indigenous Indians who have never travelled abroad. So you Indians did not think much of her pop debut eh? Is that why the song sold more than 130k copies in its first week, topped “your” Hindi pop charts and was certified triple platinum in India? And which also led to three nominations at the World Music Awards. Oh dear, you’re very disappointing.

    1. So you’re insulting Indians while slamming the American writer for insulting Indians? You’re pathetic. And not just for caring enough about a plastic bimbo to start online ruckus for her benefit.

  11. Another cultural treasure…from the land of gangrapes and diarrhea.

    And Polash is the poster child for all three. 😉

    1. To whoever you are, yes we unfortunately have both such cases in England where I come from. I guess you suffer from a lot of diarrhoea through all that tinned spam you eat in your trailer. You epitomise everything that is bad about an underclass, shallow American who either knows very little about India and is thick, or is trying to offend me. Not working at all. I love to challenge unintellectual and parochial people. I would prefer to have an intellectual exchange but that is of course not possible with trailer trash.

      1. Learn. To. Spell.
        If you want us to believe that you’re a doctor, please spell better than a semi-literate school kid. Right now, you have zero credibility.

          1. Google “something completely unrelated to the topic at hand…” Yeah, your comment might be the number one result. Congratulations, you were finally recognized for something other than being the insignificant bigot that you are in life. 🙂

          2. oh! is that the reason why american teenagers don’t even know that butter is made up of milk? you don’t know anything about India. more than half of your national income comes from Indians who are much more knowledgeable than you people. India is a land of rich culture and that *filthy* thing you are talking about is a wrong image of India you people have. its just because we were too generous to allow British to stay in our country for more than a thousand years who took away all our wealth including Kohinoor which any country in this fucking world could not imagine of for guests are supposed to be like god in India and not like you people..kicking out our own children from their house. ever heard of Kohinoor? largest diamond in the world..we Indians own it and if you do listen to news your own people said how dumb you guys are..check it out on you tube ” why Americans need Indians” A 10 year old Indian kid is more knowledgeable than a 30 year old american lol atleast we know even at the age of five that cows give milk and butter is made up of milk.

        1. Learn.To.Spell…? Learn to use proper punctuation, illiterate internet man. If you want us to believe that you have any grasp of the language, one would expect you to… have some grasp of the language. Right now, you have zero credibility.

    2. lol. “From the land of gangrapes and diarrhea.”

      Surprised you got hold of a computer with that grammar. Did Mommy have to come to the store to get it for you? America was built on the hard work of immigrants. Seriously, how many years has it been since we drove out the Natives, enslaved the Africans, and told women they couldn’t vote? We should be embracing each other’s rich cultural heritages. But then again, that would require some reading, trace amount of intelligence, and an open mind… looks like you’ve missed all three growing up.
      This song is horrible, yes, incredibly horrible. She can’t sing. But, to point out her race in such a debased manner, instead of focusing on the music, showcases what your mommy and daddy taught you, which is to be a little internet bigot. Truth is, she makes more money than you ever will, has been in countless of award winning movies, has done more ad campaigns than you can see, and has traveled and worked in more countries than you will ever go to. Imagine that. Take those facts and remember your place in life, which is to hide behind your computer screen so you can type a few racist and bigoted words laced with prejudicial malice while she is out there living her life and making a name for herself unlike you. Good day. 🙂

  12. The Thursday night pregame is the worst thing I have ever seen – the song has nothing to do with football and is another giant misstep by the ridiculous nfl which can’t seem to get out o it’s own way.


  13. Haaahahahaha…..

    What ever you say man.

    You just keep thinking the pancreas is for digesting your Maccy D’s. Royal College of Physicians.

    You a funny guy. Sure man.

    And the song still sucks.

  14. Oh Gosh!!

    Now my feelings are hurt, Polash!!

    Now what do I do? I supposed getting degrees from four different universities over 20 years is something I should just bow my head in shame for.

    Now what?

    You’re so cleaver that now I’m defeated. God help me! What do I do?

    You know nothing of the human body other than what you troll through of a Wikipedia web page. Clearly you’re also someone who has fantastic romantic attachments to a female vocalist who is just another in a long line of talentless drones polluting the airways with awful music.

    Why don’t you try dating a real girl, instead of pretending to be important and hoping that one day Priyankmeoff will one day come and marry you.

    You sill, over-masterbating, dateless, witless, uneducated cry-baby.


    What a drone.

  15. I notice you still don’t tell us how we can validate your claims of being a “Doctor”, dumbass. And by the way, you should do more research about what Advanced Practice Anesthesia Nurses make in the states. I’m going to make more money than you this year.

    That is hardcore fact, hard-on.

    Think me wrong?

    Google it.

    By the way . . . where is the link to your spin off business in Endocrinology?

    I thought you said you were a successful doctor?

    Surely such a big, impressive man such as yourself will let us confirm your academic credentials?

    What is the link to your business, so we can see….and, uh, where did you go to Medical School again?

    Surely you won’t mind if we check……

  16. Somebody tuck her nasty ass cheeks back into her shorts and send her back to bollywood. She sure can’t sing and looks like she is constipated when dancing.

    1. its a terrible theme. Many people, including people who dont like country music, agree with that. Its a bad excuse for a theme, and the fact that you doubt the writer makes me question your ability to hear.

  17. There’s an entire generation of folks who thinks autotune sounds ok. I hear someone who can’t sing and needs computer help.

  18. I want to fucking get a knife and twist it in my goddamn ear every time i hear TNF songs, this one just pisses me off, she has such a shitty voice, stupid mediocre background music, and worse singing

  19. Yeah she’s bad. But I’ll take her over Miley ‘twerk like a retard’ Cyrus anyday of the week. And its funny to see Americans abuse India. Assholes, you guys rape more women in a day than Indians do in an entire year. Go figure!

  20. How are your nationalistic sentiments hurt when a movie star who happens to be from India given welldeserved flak. I mean find something more worthwhile to pin your patriotic pride on. At least Mikey Cyrus has a musical pedigree and trained in it from childhood and knows to sing without auto tune unlike your star here who just woke up one day and decided to take up a mic and assault our ears.

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