Twerk-free zone: Watch Miley Cyrus continue her crusade against clothing in ‘Wrecking Ball’


Twerking, you’re so yesterday. But riding a giant wrecking ball while wearing nothing but oxblood Doc Martens? Well, that’s very now. Still riding high on all that MTV Video Music Awards “momentum,” American sweetheart Miley Cyrus today followed up the batshit “We Can’t Stop” video with another single from her upcoming Bangerz record.

But the party is over.

The grinding “Wrecking Ball” is more of a ballad, and the overly sexual video is virtually twerk-less. But to keep us talking about Lesley’s best friend, Billy Ray’s infamous daughter is here parading around some run-down building setting still refusing to wear pants and still wagging that tongue everywhere it shouldn’t be. In this case, it’s along a sledgehammer.


Come on Miley, put on some pants, stop licking stuff, and get up off that pile of rubble.

And bring back those weird-ass stuffed bears.

Bangerz is out October 8 on RCA Records.