Allston DIY Fest compilation serves up some real talk and rad tunes to hype Saturday’s event


Photo of Doomstar! by Ty Ueda for the Boston Phoenix

The fourth-annual Allston DIY Fest arrives this weekend, and it’s another family friendly afternoon of live music, independent vendors, and workshops sprawled across the neighborhood’s sweet patch of green, Ringer Park. Of course, this year’s fest came thisclose to not happening — we’ll point you to a very in-depth breakdown of all the events later tonight by — but organizers diligently worked with the city to keep the spirit alive and allow us to show the rest of Boston (again) that this is a positive community event.

To get us all warmed up, Allston DIY Fest released this compilation last night, highlighting the bands playing, like Ovlov, Dream Warrior, Sneeze, Kid Mountain, and the brilliantly named Miami Doritos. It’s available for free download.

But while the comp is indeed awesome, it’s made ever better by quick snippets about REAL LIFE, ALLSTON STYLE. “Infestation” is a news clip about the beg bug problem, complete with drunken yahoo yelling something in the background; “24-Hour Store” is a dude discussing the magic of the Tedeschi’s near the Model; and “Mr. Music is the way to go” is exactly what you think it is. There’s even “RIP Greylock,” which pours one out for the famed DIY venue.

This is Allston. Drink it in. Now get the fuck out.

Here’s Saturday’s Allston DIY Fest bands and workshops, with links…

Electric Stage:
Cordaro, Giles & Stronge
(New England) Patriots
Miami Doritos
Sleep Crimes
Dream Warrior
The Ghost of Electricity
Kid Mountain

Acoustic Stage:
Andy Lowrey
Allison Francis
Rick Maguire of Pile
On the Water
Karl of Kal Marks
Susanna Kavee
Box of Birds
Arkm Foam
Evan Greer
Dirty Dirges

Workshops & Skillshares:
“The Sexual Politics of Meat” led by Devin Smith
Bike Repairs with Galen Mouk (Common Wheels-
“We HOLLABACK! (& You Can, Too): Creating A World Without Street Harassment” led by Hollaback! Boston (
Intersectionality, Gender, and Race in the Allston DIY Scene (pt. II) led by Kelly Baker

Allston DIY fest


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