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Game, purple: Dave Chappelle shows up on Prince’s ‘Breakfast Can Wait’ artwork


Dear musicians, why don’t you go ahead and purify yourselves in the waters of Lake Minnetonka, because Prince has just done to the cover art game what Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse did to hip-hop. His Purple Majesty tweeted out the design for his new single “Breakfast Can Wait” Friday night, and holy fucking shit it’s Dave Chappelle in character from his legendary Charley Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories sketch.

Yes, Prince shot the J: Computer blue, fruity picks, and a plate of pancakes. All served up by the man himself.

Of course, he also posted a 48-second teaser clip of the new track, but we just can’t get past the artwork. This is unbelievable. We all knew Prince was a cat who could ball — just not like this. Even if he’s just trolling us for some reason, who cares? The mere thought of Prince watching Chappelle’s Show is enough to make our weekend. Something tells us Diddy won’t be following suit; he ain’t got that kinda time, anyway.


The full version of “Breakfast Can Wait” is available for purchase through 3rdeyetunes.com.

Here’s the True Hollywood Stories clip, because it just never gets old; it remains one of the greatest comedic achievements of the 2000s.