Boston message board Lemmingtrail is shutting down on September 1

Pouring one out tonight for Boston music and arts message board Lemmingtrail, which is shutting down on September 1 after a seven-year run of arguments, shit talk, and unified disgust of the Noise Board. Created and run by Matt Sisto, the forum took the place of the Honeypump board that was launched by his brother, Ben, a few years prior. Though I haven’t been a regular poster in some time (un: Vanya), I’m bummed that this is going away, but wish Matt the best and thank him for providing an entertaining and conversational forum for Boston’s underground arts culture.

Here is Matt’s full goodbye, posted this evening; keep it locked, no doubt it will turn into some petty shitshow argument about burritos or something:

This site launched in June of 2006 as the natural successor to the Honeypump board. For years, Honeypump was how I found out about new music, shows, and parties and was my primary means of meeting new people, so it was very exciting as a 21 year old to have the chance to be at the “center of it all”.

I’ve always said I’d pull the plug when it felt right and it feels right. As of today, new user registration has been closed.

So, what’s next?

Myke and I have been working on a discussion app, not too unlike a message board, called Filament for a few months. Soon, we will be open sourcing the project. If you’d like to hang out in our beta community or contribute to the project, shoot me an email (msisto@gmail.com) or send me a PM. All nice people are welcome.

As for all of the content here on Lemmingtrail… we’re not 100% sure yet. It will be made available in some archival format for registered users soon after the 1st, but how has yet to be determined. I’ll keep everyone posted on that. Zip disk full of .txt files!?

I want to thank everyone. I had hoped this site would double as a sandbox for me to try new things; to learn and become a better developer. I’m not much of a developer today, but I did learn a lot about myself and I met some really wonderful people along the way. It’s been fun.



Peace out Lemmingtrail. We’ll see you and Fact Cat in heaven. xx