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Girlfriend in a Comic: Smiths lyrics give new meaning to Charlie Brown’s world


How does one make traditional Peanuts comic strips appear louder than bombs? By taking a picture that wasn’t drawn vulgar and re-narrating it with Smiths lyrics. On the new tumblr This Charming Charlie, Bay Area graphic designer Lauren LoPrete has given new — albeit slightly drab — life to Charlie Brown’s Peanuts gang by adding Morrissey’s lyrical wit and wisdom to Charles Schulz’s timeless illustrations. Charlie, it was really nothing.

LoPrete runs Loglady Records with her boyfriend, Jason Hendardy, and took inspiration for This Charming Charlie from a 1986 Smiths gig poster by Dave Flores.

The connection between Charlie Brown and Morrissey seems obvious, but it’s some of the Snoopy strips that really send the message home, especially his take of “Half A Person.” Poor pup has spent six… long… years… chasing someone else’s tail. Le sigh.

Check out a sample below, then be sure to scan the entire collection, which is pretty great, via thischarmingcharlie.tumblr.com.


UPDATE, 3:10 pm EST: I sent out a call via Facebook for a better Smiths/Peanuts pun than “Girlfriend in a Comic,” and here are some of the best responses:

“You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet, Snoopy”
“Reel Around the Baron”
“Frankly, Mr. Snoopy”

And some solo Moz:
“November Spawned A Marcie”
“You’re The One For Me, Patty”
“Interesting Dog”
“First Of The Peanuts Gang To Die”


Ok ok, this joke isn’t punny anymore…

Charming Charlie 5

Charming Charlie 2

Charming Charlie 3

Charlie 4


Charming Charlie 6