Watch the world premiere of Parlour Bells’ ‘Bachelor Hours’ music video on VanyalandTV

“It’s here we keep Bachelor Hours, you’ll find us at the height of our powers,” begins the latest single from Boston noir-pop act PARLOUR BELLS, crooned seductively by dapper flash-pop frontman Glenn di Benedetto.

That sentiment has extended from the nightclubs to the video screen and back again, as tonight Parlour Bells unveil their new clip for “Bachelor Hours” live at the pill at Great Scott. But before our dance party flashes those bedroom eyes, Vanyaland in partnership with MediaBoss TV is proud to showcase the clip’s world effing premiere.

Taking its cue from the yearning 4am glam-pop of the song, the “Bachelour Hours” video is a moonlit look at nightlife culture and serves as a who’s-who around the Boston rock scene. Starring Gene Dante and Mary Widow, it was filmed at Radio in Somerville and Trina’s Starlight Lounge in Cambridge.

Back when Parlour Bells’ Thank God For The Night was released in December, I wrote in the Phoenix that this riveting EP is “less a love letter to nightlife and more a police blotter of the messy arc experienced with each foray towards midnight, from the ambition and intrigue you feel while getting your hair did, to the climax of passing out somewhere piss-drunk, alone or not-alone.” Simply put: “It’s a bedtime story for adults who never go to bed.”

That drama has been captured wonderfully in the video, directed and edited by di Benedetto, with additional filming and post-production work by Roger Metcalf.

Here’s to the brand new good times. Raise a glass, check out the clip, and see you tonight at the pill. Look sharp.

PARLOUR BELLS VIDEO RELEASE DANCE PARTY + DJ KEN & MICHAEL V | Friday, June 28 at the pill at Great Scott, 1222 commonwealth Ave., Allston | 10pm, 21-plus, $5 | Facebook event invite

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