[download] Snowden cover ‘Fineshrine’ by Purity Ring // 06.26 @ Great Scott

We were updating the V:List last week, plugging in SNOWDEN’s Wednesday gig at Great Scott when our bad NSA leak jokes were interrupted by stumbling upon the Atlanta/Austin band’s cover of “Fineshrine” by Purity Ring. We made a passing mention of it on the V:List, but after playing it at Vanya HQ all weekend, we’re giving it a bit more attention on the homepage.

“Quick acoustic take on of one of my favorite songs from the last year,” wrote Jordan Jeffares on the Snowden soundcloud page, where you can download the track for free.

Jeffares voice has always been one of the defining qualities of Snowden’s kinetic indie rock, and here he strips away Purity Ring’s electronic chamber-pop thunder and allows Megan James’ lyrics to dance softly over an acoustic guitar. It’s a departure of sound for both artists, and shows how delicate and beautiful the original truly is.

After a brief hiatus, Snowden is back in action with a new record, No One In Control, off Nashville-based Serpents and Snakes Records, a new home city (Jeffares made the jump from Atlanta to Austin since we last touched base) and essentially a new backing band. Snowden’s previous full-length, the jittery Anti-Anti, dropped in 2006 off Jade Tree Records and featured the hits “Black Eyes” and “Anti-Anti.” They’ve played every gig imaginable, from the pill at Great Scott to touring with Kings of Leon. It’s good to have them back.

Local gents Marconi open the Boston show on Wednesday.