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[in my head] New music from Type Two Error, ‘Targets,’ (ex-Cooper Temple Clause)


Type Two Error

Spend five minutes with me and I will probably start singing the praises of the COOPER TEMPLE CLAUSE. In 2001, they made waves in their native England with the release of the Hardware and Warfare EPs. The success of their debut album, 2002’s See This Through and Leave, saw the band gracing the covers of music magazines worldwide. Their reign came at the height of the early noughties “garage rock revival.” Like Mansun before them, they took the guitar pop sound and mixed it with elements of progressive rock and electronica. They also sported the best haircuts in indie rock.

The Coopers split after the release of their third studio album, Make This Your Own, in 2007. Since then, many of the former Clausos remained in the music industry. Bass player Didz Hammond joined the Dirty Pretty Things and later Suede front man Brett Anderson’s live band. Drummer Jon Harper joined Cansei de Ser Sexy (CSS). Guitarist and synth man Tom Bellamy has appeared with a number of acts including Losers and White Belt Yellow Tag. Guitarist Dan Fisher now fronts Red Kite.


Cooper Temple Clause front man Ben Gautrey and keyboardist Kieran Mahon (once billed as “Kieran Mayhem”) quietly resurfaced in 2010 under the moniker TYPE TWO ERROR. Though the new band played some gigs in London, they hadn’t formally released any music -– until now. Today, literally, saw the digital debut of Type Two Error’s “Targets” and this former Cooper Temple fan girl can barely contain her excitement.

Why? Because “Targets” sounds a lot like the Cooper Temple Clause.

Gautrey’s signature vocals lead us through this hard rocking track with a catchy, melodic chorus. The driving guitars are reminiscent of those found on old Coopers singles like 2003’s “Promises, Promises.” Mahon’s synths flow through the chorus. Jonny (no last name given) provides the drums that carry this jam.


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