[tonight in cambridge] Rock And Roll Rumble recap @ the Middle East

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Got them Rock and Roll Rumble withdrawals? Jonesin’ for some Eddie Japan? Heartbroken over the lack of Glenn Yoder in your life? Wondering what Twin Berlin are like undrunk?

These shakes, they hit hard.

Thankfully, we’ll all get to come together once again this evening in Cambridge when Rock Shop presents their Rumble Recap at the Middle East. It’s like a reunion only informative: Find out how the competitive festival operates, why it rules, and how to get involved in next year’s event. Organizer Anngelle Wood will be holding it down, giving new bands tips and scolding old bands for all their fuck ups.

Did you fuck up? Did you play nice? Can you play next year? Who is Gang Green?

Find out tonight!

It gets started around 6pm, and it’s hosted by Rock Shop overlords Kevin Hoskins (The Middle East) and Steve Theo (Pirate!).