Site relaunch: Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Things might be a little quiet around here over the next week as we prepare the launch of our new-and-improved Vanyaland music website on Wednesday, May 15, 2013.

You’ll recognize some of the dearly-departed Boston Phoenix’s best music writers contributing to the new entity, like Daniel Brockman, Michael Christopher, and Jay Breitling, so it won’t just be me babbling on about Charli XCX or whatever’s at Great Scott later that night (though you’ll get a lot of that, too).

And what you’ll see in eight days (yikes!) won’t be a finished product, but it will be a much more developed site, in scope and content, than this dirty ol’ blog. It’ll have a cleaner design, brighter layout and look, and better navigation. The music videos from VanyalandTV, powered by MediaBoss Television, will have a home on the site, and other widgets and portals will feature think-piece music writing, show spotlights, record reviews, live uStream interviews, drunken on-site reports, Google Hangout sessions, adaptable calendar listings, and other, more interactive stuff I’m pretty excited about.


It’s all a work in progress and the goal is to evolve with the times and stay current and fresh without resorting to 25 Pictures of Lolabear Taking a Bath (though that might happen; Lolaland could still be a thing) or public polls on where they should bury Alfredo Aceves’ career.

We might even do the “launch” live from MediaBoss’ studios in Framingham, with live entertainment. More to come on that.

Oh, and why am I choosing to resurface on May 15? Well, that’s the one year anniversary of me being informed by my former mentor and Phoenix editor Carly Carioli that WFNX 101.7 FM had been sold. Life pretty much took a nosedrive into a shit-swallowed cesspool from that instant forward, and it’s been one suckfest month after another since.


So it’s time to right the ship. It’s time for a new way. And to paraphrase the now-batshit Dave Mustaine, we’ll be the first in line.