VanyalandTV: music videos from Fat Creeps, Motorhead and Bloc Party


One of the various features in the re-launched Vanyaland (coming later this month, I promise you like When in Rome!) is VanyalandTV, powered by MediaBoss Television. And one of those audio/visual components, in addition to a live uStream series, on-site band interviews, and tour spotlights, is an early-’90s MTV style video show.

Why? Because it’s 2013 and we’re living in the post-MTV Golden Age of music videos. YouTube has opened the floodgates for music video culture, and we’re thrilled to share the stuff that catches our attention. Each time I hook up with MediaBoss, we film a set of three to six videos, and each set will include at least one Boston video, because there’s some magic shit going down in our great city and VanyalandTV wants to help spread the word.

Here are a few of the (very) early clips, the one above featuring North Shore garage rock trio Fat Creeps (my beloved), and the two below from Bloc Party and Motorhead. Because why the fuck not.


Like Justin warned us last night — it’s gonna be May, and it’s gonna be awesome. In the meantime, my chubby ass needs to hit the gym.