[in my head] Jagwar Ma “Man I Need (White Label Version)”

As someone who still spins Britpop songs well into 2013 (the pill, yo, plug plug), it doesn’t take much to get me excited about music that harkens back to the Madchester Era. So naturally, it took about 20 seconds of this new single from Australian duo JAGWAR MA to work me up into a mad-fer-it frenzy. All our friends are here — traces of Primal Scream, the Mondays, the Roses, Andy Weatherall, Ashcroft — just getting down under to one of the slickest beats we’ve heard outside the EDM world.

No Boston date yet, but my spies say our city’s talent-buying crew have already made contact with Windish, their US agency.

Sweet Mary this is the new Anglophile anthem… especially right before the six-minute mark, when it all goes hazy. From the pill here in Boston to Popscene and the Queen Is Dead out in San Francisco, this needs to own modern indie dance floors this summer. You know, after the Daft Punk & Pharrell joint, of course.

Bump it…

And while we’re here, let’s check out their first single, “The Throw.”