Tonight in Cambridge: Class of 2013’s Deep North and Susan Constant, with Parlour Bells and Arcane Comedy @ the Middle East


A few weeks ago at Great Scott our pals in Eye Design hosted the Color Channel record release party, and since Abadabad and Early Nineties were on the bill, the Boston Phoenix threw its support behind it as a showcase for Class of 2013, my annual wrap up of the best new bands in town. A few weeks later, another show with some additional C13 energy hits the Middle East in Cambridge, as tonight Class of 2013 acts The Deep North and the Susan Constant take to the upstairs on a bill with WFNX BFFs Parlour Bells. It’s definitely some shit I’d be yelling about in three hours if I still had a radio show. [Note: The Arcane Comedy is also on the bill, but I have to plead ignorance on that one. But hey, that’s why we go out, right, to hear new shit? Word. Also their website looks like the Lizard Lounge’s homepage, and that’s cool.]

It should be good times at the Mid Easy, and I’ll be bouncing back and forth from next door: The Susan Constant are powered by frantic indie-pop energy, the Deep North by lush rock orchestration led by vocalist Rebecca Frank, and Parlour Bells by a crisp noir-pop that’s a rather fragrant side of glam rock’s 24-hour diner. Well, that and Goddamn Glenn Di Benedetto. I wrote about their ace new EP Thank God For The Night when it was released a few weeks ago. Its moonlight dance still prances in my dome.

In fact, Di Benedetto and P-Belz guitarist Nate Leavitt were in the WFNX studio a few weeks ago for the Super Bowie Weekend pre-game show, along with the Daily Pravda and Gene Dante, and their acoustic performance of the Duke’s “China Girl” was something special. I’m told they’ve worked it into live sets since then, so we’ll see if it gets dusted off tonight.


Get into the jams:

Bachelor Hours by Parlour Bells

Wake Up by The Deep North


Locked Up (Single) by The Susan Constant